Exodus is the second book of Moses. Among other things, it deals with his birth, the ever-growing conflicts between Egypt and the Israelites, and the exodus from Egypt. Moses receives the order from God to lead the people of Israel out of slavery and into the promised land – to Canaan. The Egyptians, of course, only let them go after the 10 plagues (i.e. locusts, frogs, the death of their livestock, and the deaths of all the first born sons). On the way to Canaan, Moses leads the people through the Red Sea, which he parts with God’s help and saves Israel from its pursuers. In the desert, on Mount Sinai, Moses receives the 10 commandments written on two stone tablets. He destroys these when he comes back to find the people of Israel have built a golden calf and are honoring it as a graven idol. Moses destroys the tablets and the calf in his rage, asks God for forgiveness, and receives new tablets as well as instructions for the people.