These are the commandments and judgments that you shall obey, that you act according to them in the land that the Lord, your God has given you to take possession of. Destroy all the holy cities of the heathens, on the mountains and hills and beneath the trees, tear down their altars, sacred stones and holy pillars, burn the images of their idols. You shall serve the Lord in the places that the Lord will choose for you. There you shall bring your offerings, tithes and tributes. Eat and drink, be joyful about all that God has given you and blessed you with. He will give you peace and your enemies so that you live securely. Take care that you do not give offerings in any place but those that God has selected for your tribe. You may slaughter and eat meat wherever you like, the clean and unclean alike. Only the blood you shall not eat, splash it on the ground instead. You shall not eat of the tithes of grain, wine, oil and firstborn in the city. However, you may at the holy feasts with your sons and daughters, servants and maidservants. However, when the Lord expands your territory and you want to eat meat because you desire it then eat it in the city. However, you shall bring your holy offerings to the holy places that the Lord has selected and lay it on the altar. And the blood of the sacrifice shall be poured out onto the altar of the Lord. Obey these words with which I command you. Take care that you are not led astray. How did the people God has exterminated serve their gods? I wish to do it like that. So you shall not do, for what they did for their gods was a horror to the Lord and he hates it. For they even burnt sons and daughters as offerings.