And the Lord spoke to Moses, after Aaron’s two sons had died as they made offerings before the Lord, and said: Tell your brother Aaron that he shall not always go into the holy place behind the curtain before the Throne of Grace, which is upon the ark, lest he die, because I appear in the cloud above him. He is to go with a young bull for a sin offering and a ram for a burnt offering. He shall put on the holy linen robe and trousers, gird himself with a linen girdle, and wear the linen turban, because those are the holy garments. He shall wash his body. He is to take two male goats as a sin offering and a ram for the burnt offering from the children of Israel. Aaron shall bring a bull as a sin offering to make atonement for his house. Then he shall bring two goats before the Lord and cast them forward, one for the Lord and the other for Arasel, which will be sent to him in the desert. And Aaron shall bring the bull for a sin offering and slaughter it before the Lord. Take a pan full of coal from the altar and fill your hands with it and set it all on fire before the Lord. He is covered by a cloud by the Lord, so that he shall not perish. Take something of the blood of the bull and sprinkle it with a finger seven times on the Throne of Grace. Then slaughter the goat of the sin offering of the people. And do the same as before. This is how he shall make atonement following impurities. No one should be in the tabernacle when he enters to make atonement. This applies to himself, his home and the congregation of Israel. And he shall come out to the altar, stroke the bull’s horns with blood and sprinkle it seven times with his finger. And when he has accomplished the absolvement of the seminary, sanctuary and altar, he shall bring the live goat, put his hands on his head and be guided into the desert by a man; upon reaching the desert, the goat will assume all his misdeeds and carry them into the wilderness. And Aaron shall go into the tabernacle and wear the linen garments and leave them there. He should wash himself with water in a holy place and put his clothes on and go outside again and bring his burnt offering as well as the people’s burnt offering and absolve himself and the people. And he shall let the fat from the sin offering on the altar go up in smoke. However, the man who brought the goat shall wash his clothes as well as himself. One must expell the bull and the goat of the sin offering from the camp and burn it with all its fur, flesh and manure. Whoever does this must wash himself and his clothes. In addition, the order that you shall fast on the tenth day of the seventh month is eternal. That is because that is when your absolvement shall occur, when you shall be purified of all your sins. So there shall be a solemn sabbath for you all to fast. This is the nature of the atonement, but only an anointed priest whose hands have been filled can do it. He shall wear the holy garments and therefore as the most sanctified, shall absolve the tabernacle, the altar, the priests and all the people of the community. And Aaron did as the Lord had commanded Moses.