The son of an Israeli woman and an Egyptian man walked among the children of Israel and quarreled with a man from Israel in the camp, blasphemed God and cursed. They brought him to Moses. His mother was Shelemith, a daughter of Ribi from the tribe of DAN – they held him captive until clarity came to his mouth from the Lord. And the Lord said unto Moses: Take the cursed out and let all who heard him lay their hands on his head, and let all the congregation stone him. By doing what he did and cursing God, let him bear his guilt and perish. Whoever kills any man shall perish. Whoever slays a beast must replace a life for a life. He shall reimburse this. Whoever injures a beast shall do the same. Damage for damage, eye to eye, tooth for tooth, as he did the people so shall be done to him. There should be one and the same right for all of you. Moses told the children of Israel this and drove the cursed out of the camp and stoned him.