The Israelites moved on and camped in Oboth. From there they moved on and camped at Iye Abarim in the desert east of Moab. Then they moved on to the Sered stream, then they moved on to the desert south of Arnon which leads into the area of the Amorites the Border of Moab between Moab and the Amorites, thus in the book of the Lord's wars: the Vaheb in Suphah and the streams in Arnon, the slope of the streams that lead to the city of Ar leans on the border of Moab. Then they moved on to Beer. This is the well from which the Lord said to Moses: “gather the people, I wish to give them water.” Back then Israel sang the song: “climb up to the well!” Sing of it: this is the well that the princes have dug. The nobles of the people dug it with their scepters with their staffs. Then they went from Beer to Mattanah, from there to Nahaliel, from there to Barmoth and then into the valley which lies in the field of Moab near the peak of Pisga which looks into the Jordan valley.