If you go to war and see steeds and chariots of an army greater than your own, be not afraid for God is with you. If you march off to war, the priests shall bless you and comfort you. The officials shall tell the people that he who has built a new house and not yet dedicated it, is to do so that should he die, another is not the one to dedicate it. And he who has planted vines and not yet enjoyed their fruits he shall return home so that he does not die in war beforehand. He who fears or is disheartened, he shall return home that he does not make his brothers as cowardly as himself. And then the officials shall appoint leaders over the armies. If you go before a city to do battle, first offer peace. If the gates open, the entire city shall do forced labor for you. If they do not wish to surrender lay siege to them. If you then take the city you shall put every male to the sword. The women and children, the cattle and everything shall be divided among you and you shall eat of the plunder of your enemies. Thus shall you do with all the cities lie far away from you. However, in the cities of the peoples nearer to you shall let nothing survive which has breath but destroy it so that you will not commit the horrors that they do in service to their gods and thus sin against the Lord, your God. When you must remain a long time outside a city in order to conquer it you are not to destroy the trees that you may eat from them. The trees of the field are not men that you must lay siege to them. However, the trees from which one does not eat may be felled and used for ramparts against the city.