Reality in its variety is depicted both in concepts and in visual representations. Series of parables, allegories, and riddles are strung together. Centuries old traditional knowledge is the basic element of this book. The recognition of good and evil is the privilege of God. This wisdom has belonged to God alone since ancient times. The contribution of human intelligence is here utilized for the word of God. The eternally witnessed wisdom is represented as directly dependent on the existence of God and his creative power. It is integrated into God's works. Without a world order, however, this wisdom cannot thrive. The holy scriptures are a world of fait oriented towards humanity. They proceed fully from the mouth of God. As Aaron spoke for Moses, the divinely gifted human speaks for the creator. The totality of wisdom is, therefore, only total faith in the creator. The Book of Wisdom The Book Sirach They are a series which clearly also contains pagan characteristics, both mythical as well as cultic. Without question, some content owes its origins to polytheistic inspiration. The Books of Wisdom are full of content borrowed from pagan thinking, but have become the word of God through man – have arisen as the perfection of intelligence to become goodness and the word.