Moses called to all of Israel and said: you have seen everything that the Lord did before your eyes in Egypt to the Pharaoh and all his officials and his entire country, the great tests, wonders and signs. Even today you do not have hearts that understand, eyes that see, ears that hear. He led you through the desert for 40 years. He gave you no wine, no bread, no strong drink in order to show you that he is your Lord and father. Today all stand before the Lord, the leaders of your tribes, your elders, your officials, every man is Israel, your children, your wives, your strangers, your woodcutters and your water carriers that you may enter into a covenant with the Lord, your god and into the oath that we are subject to Let there be no man or woman, clan or tribe among you who turns away from the Lord and goes to serve other idols. They went there, served other gods and prayed to them. That is why the Lord's wrath rose. That which is hidden belongs to the Lord. But what is revealed applies to us and our children eternally, that we do what the words of the law say.