You shall select three cities in the country which the Lord will give you to take possession of after he has driven out the people who resided there. Arrange the ways there so that one who has killed someone may flee there. He is to remain alive, for he who kills his neighbor without intending to, for example by cutting a branch from a tree, the head may fly from the handle and hit his neighbor so that he dies. The blood avenger shall not pursue such a killer. The cities are for their protection. However, if you wish to keep God's commandments you shall add three cities to the three so that innocent blood is not spilled in the land that the Lord will give you so that you are not guilty of shedding blood. However, when someone bears another ill will and kills his neighbor and flees to one of the free cities the elders there shall take him and give him over to the blood avenger that he may die. You are to have no mercy upon him and you shall remove innocent blood from Israel that it may go well with you and the Lord. You shall not move your neighbor's boundaries from where your father's set them. A single witness shall not appear against someone for an offense or sin, only the testimony of two or three witnesses is to be valid. When an outrageous witness appears against someone to accuse him of a violation, the priests and judges are to make an exacting investigation to find out what the truth is. If the false witness has given false testimony against his brother that shall be done to him what he thought to do to his brother that it may be a warning to the others against doing evil things among you. You shall show no mercy. Life for a life. Eye for an Eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot.