The Lord said: Send seventy men, even of the elders of Israel of whom you know are officials, and bring them before the tabernacle and put them in front of you; then I will come down and talk with thee there, and from thy spirit lay on them, so that they carry the load of the people with you. But tell the people: If you sanctify yourselves for tomorrow, you shall have meat to eat. The Lord will give this to you, not for just one day, not two, not three, four, five, or ten days, but a month, until its smell becomes loathsome to you, because you rejected the Lord, who is among you. Moses replied: There are six hundred thousand footmen with whom I live and thou sayest, I will give them flesh, a month? Can anyone slaughter enough sheep and cattle for it to be enough for us? Or cn you catch all the fish in the sea for it to be enough?The Lord said: Is the Lord’s hand too short? But you must see that my word is fulfilled. And Moses went up and fulfilled the Lord’s behest. And the seventy elders were tempted, when the Spirit came upon them. But two men remained in the camp: Eldad and Medad. And the Spirit came upon them, even though they had not gone out to the tabernacle. A young man reported this to Moses. What are you all excited about? God only wanted that all the Lord’s people were prophets, and the Lord’s spirit would come upon them! And Moses returned to the camp with the elders. A wind arose from the Lord and brought quails from the sea and let them fall on the camp. A day’s journey all around the camp, two cubits high upon the Earth. And the people gathered quail all that day and all that night and the next. Those who gathered the least, gathered one hundred bushels. And they spread them out all around the camp to dry. But if the meat was found between their teeth before it was all consumed, the wrath of the Lord burned against the people. And he knocked them down with a great plague. Therefore, these cities are called “graves of lust” because one buries people there that lusted; from there, the people moved onto Hazeroth, where they stayed.