At that time the Lord spoke to me: chisel two stones for yourself like the first ones and come to me on the mountain. Make a wooden ark, for I wish to write the words on the tablets that were on the first ones. I did what the Lord commanded. Went up the mountain and had both tablets in my hands. Then the Lord wrote ten words on them, like the first ones, out of the midst of the fire on the mountain while you held your meeting. The Lord gave them to me. I turned around and went down from the mountain and placed the tablets in the ark and therein they remained. And the Israelites set out from Beroth Bene Jaaken to Moserah. He continued on to Gudgodah, then to Jotbathah – a land with streams of water. The Lord set apart the people to carry the ark and to stand before the Lord. I stood for 40 days and nights atop the mountain and the Lord heard me this time as well. He said to me: Get up and go there, lead the people that they may enter into the land and take possession of it. And now, what does the Lord demand of Israel but that you fear the Lord your God, that you follow his ways and love him and serve him, keep his commandments and judgments. The heavens, behold, heaven and earth and all that is therein, this is the Lord's, your God's. So circumcise your hearts and cease to be stiff-necked. For God is the God of all gods and the Lord over all lords, the great God, the mighty, the terrible. Who is impartial and accepts no gifts, brings justice for widows and orphans, is kind to strangers and gives them food and clothing So shall you also be, for in Egypt you were strangers too. Your father's fled from Egypt with 70 souls. However, now your Lord and God, your glory, who with you did such great and terrible things. Now He has made you as numerous as the stars in the sky.