This is the law of the guilt offering. Sacrosanct! The guilt offering must be slaughtered on the same spot where one slays the burnt offering as well, and its blood shall be sprinkled around the altar. That all its fat together with the intestines, kidneys, liver and loins rise in smoke on the altar as a fire and guilt offering to the Lord.Male priests shall eat this in a holy place; it is most holy.The guilt offering shall be like the sin offering.The same laws apply for both.The fur of someone’s burnt offering to the priest must thereby also belong to him. All food offerings that are baked in the oven, or a pot or pan, should belong to the priest. All food offerings mixed with oil or dry offerings shall belong to the sons of Aaron, to all. This is the law on the thanks offering. If they want to bring a sacrifice of praise, apart from the burnt offering, they shall offer unleavened cakes mixed with oil, flatbread in oil and cakes of the finest flour as praise and thanks offerings.To the priest who sprinkles the blood of the thanks offering. The meat should be eaten on the same day without leaving a surplus. In the case of a vow or voluntary sacrifice, it must be eaten on the same day, and if anything is left over it can be eaten the next day.However, whatever is left for the third day must be burned with fire. Whomsoever continues to eat it shall incur guilt upon themselves. Even meat that is impure shall not be eaten but burned instead. Whoever is pure shall be allowed to eat from the sacrificial flesh. However, anyone who eats from the flesh of the thanks offering, which has belonged to the Lord, will incur uncleanliness upon himself and will be exiled away from his people. And the Lord spoke to Moses and said: Ye shall not eat any fat of oxen, sheep and goats. Ye shall use the fat of all kinds of fallen animals. For what is offered as a fire offering is not permitted to be eaten. Also no blood. And He spoke to Moses and said: Speak unto the children of Israel and say: Whoever wants to bring a thanks offering, they must bring to the fire offering with their own hands what belongs to the Lord from the thanks offering, namely the fat together with the breast in order to wave the swing offering before the Lord.