God of vengeance, oh Lord, appear – rise up, judge of the earth, and pay back the proud what they deserve. How long will the wicked triumph and pour out arrogant words, ad do evil, and tread upon the people, and oppress them. They kill widows and orphans, and murder foreigners. They think: “the Lord will not see it.” Consider, you senseless people – when will you be wise? He who implanted the ear, won't he hear? He who formed the eye, who taught understanding, will he not punish? The thoughts of a man are nothing but a breath. Blessed is the man who you discipline, Lord, and teach with wisdom. You will protect him, Lord. Who will rise up against the wicked man? If the Lord were not my help, my soul would not have been refreshed. He who judges in mischief, acting against the law, destroys the life of the righteous. But evildoing will be paid back; the Lord will destroy them because of their iniquity.