And the Lord said: As long as I live, I want to do with you what you have spoken in my ears. Your dead bodies shall fall in this wilderness. All those from twenty years old who have grumbled shall not come into this land, which I put my hand over in an oath and lifted up, except Caleb and Joshua. Your children which you saw as prey to that land should know the land that you reject. Your children shall be wanderers, and bear your infidelity in the wilderness for 40 years until your carcases are consumed in the wilderness. According to the number of 40 days in which you explored the land – one day shall equal one year – you shall be held until I lift my hand. I, the Lord, say this and do it. And so, all the men that Moses had sent to explore the land died under the will of the Lord, the men who came back and tempted the congregation to grumble. Of the 40 men, Joshua and Caleb remained alive. When Moses told the people of God’s word, the people mourned greatly. They set out and went up to the top of the mountain and said: We are ready to go up to the land of which the Lord hath spoken, for we have sinned. And Moses said: Why do you want to tempt the Lord? He is not over you, and it will not be possible to go up the mountain. You will be beaten by the enemy, the Amalekites and Canaanites. You will fall through their sword. But they were so overconfident that they went up to the top. But the ark of the covenant of the Lord and Moses did not depart from the camp as the enemy came down and beat them, and scattered them to Hormah.