Thank the Lord, for he is good. His loving kindness endures forever. Those who wandered in the wilderness, and in the desert, did not find the way. They suffered hunger and thirst and were afraid, and found no city to live in. They should all thank the Lord for his merciful salvation. Those who sat in darkness and bound in affliction and iron, who fell and found the Lord in their oppression, they should all thank the Lord. They were afflicted because of their disobedience and iniquities, were bent down, and abhorred all kinds of food. They were near to the gates of death, but should now offer sacrifices of thanksgiving and declare the deeds of the Lord with singing. Those who go down to the sea in ships and do business in great waters, these see the Lord's deeds and his wonders in the deep. God's command raises the stormy wind makes the waves mount up to the sky they reel and stagger like a drunken man they cry to the Lord in their trouble - God makes the storm a calm, he lays the waves still, they shall praise God's deeds. - He turns rivers into a desert, oases into a thirsty wasteland fruitful land into a salt waste - but he turns the desert into a pool of water the dry land into water springs he makes the hungry live there and found cities they sow fields and plant vineyards they reap rich harvests, and he gives them livestock They are multiplied greatly, and he blesses them. Although they are diminished and bowed low under trouble and sorrow, he pours contempt on princes and causes them to wander around in the wasteland. He lifts the needy out of their oppression and increases their families. The upright will see it and be glad, but all the wicked will shut their mouths. Whoever is wise will pay attention to these things – the loving kindness of the Lord.