Do what I command you and do no more nor less. When a prophet or dreamer announces signs and wonders and they occur you shall not follow him to other gods for God tempts you with them. The prophet and the dreamer are to die for he wished to lead you to stray from God's path. If you brother, the son of your mother, your wife or your friend wishes to seduce you to serve other gods, do not consent and do not obey. Your hand must be the first raised against them and you shall show no mercy. One shall stone them to death, for he wished to lead you away from the Lord who freed you and led you from Egypt. If you hear of any city that the Lord, your God has given you that the people have been seduced to follow other gods you shall go there and without serving them thoroughly investigate the city and inquire and ask. And when it is revealed that this is true you shall put all of the residents of the city to the sword. And burn all you collect in the marketplace as an offering to the Lord, that he reduces it to rubble that it is never rebuilt and the Lord is turned away from anger and gives you mercy as he swore to your fathers