And the Lord spoke to Moses and said: This is the law on the purification of lepers. Let him come to the priest if he finds that the affected area is healed while outside the camp. He shall be asked to bring two pure, living birds, cedar wood, scarlet wool and hyssop, and slaughter one of the birds in an earthen pot over fresh water. And he shall take the living bird, together with the cedar wood, scarlet wool and hyssop, dip in the blood of the bird slain over fresh water, and sprinkle the blood seven times on the person to be cleansed of leprosy. They shall become pure and then he shall let the other bird loose into the open field. But he who purifies himself shall wash his clothes, shave off all his hair, bathe himself in water, and be clean. Then he shall return to the camp but must stay outside his tent for seven days. On the seventh day, he shall cut off all his hair and shave his beard and eyebrows so that all hair is shaved off. He shall wash himself and his clothes so that he is clean. On the eighth day he shall take two male lambs and mix a one-year-old sheep, 3/10th of the finest flour with oil, and a cup of oil for a food offering. And the priest shall be the one to represent the one who shall purify himself before the Lord at the door of the tabernacle. Bring the lamb for a guilt offering with the cup of oil, and swing both as a swing offering; then slaughter the lamb where one performs the sin offering and burnt offering in the holy place. Both belong to the priest. Sacrosanct! And the priest shall take of the blood of the guilt offering and touch the one who wishes to purify himself on the lobe of his right ear, the thumb of his right hand and the big toe of his right foot. Then pour the oil from the cup into his left hand and dip his right finger in the oil, and he shall sprinkle it seven times before the Lord.