And the Lord said to Moses: go up the into the Abarim mountains and look out on the land that I have given to the Israelites. And when you have seen it, you too shall be gathered to your ancestors, like your brother Aaron because you disobeyed my commands in the desert of Zin when the community rebelled and you should have honored me with the water. The quarrel water in the desert of Zin. And Moses spoke to the Lord and said: may the Lord, god of the spirit of life of all flesh appoint a man to lead the community, to go out and come in before them. Leads them in and out that the community will not be like a flock without shepherds. And the Lord spoke to Moses: take Joshua with you, the son of Nur, one who has the spirit in him and lay your hand on him and let him approach Eleazar before the entire community and summon him before their eyes and lay your authority on him that the entire community of Israelites will follow him. And he shall stand before Eleazar who shall inquire of the holy lots of the Lord for him. It shall be as He has commanded. Moses did what the Lord had commanded him to do and summoned Joshua.