Hear, Israel, today you will cross over the Jordan that you may enter into the land of people who are greater and stronger than you. Large cities with walls reaching into the heavens, a big, tall people, Enakites who you know. Who can stand against them? However, know this, the Lord goes before you, a consuming fire. He will destroy them, humiliate them, drive them out, and eliminate them for the sake of their godless ways and to keep his word to your fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Know this! You enraged the Lord in the desert; think on it, from the day of deliverance from Egypt to this place it has been you who have been disobedient. You enraged the Lord at Mount Horeb so much that he became angry and wished to destroy you. Wipe out your names under heaven. And when I descended with the tablets after 40 days without bread or water you had made a golden calf for yourselves and gone astray from the path. I threw the tablets in the fire and broke them before your eyes. However, the Lord heard me again. The Lord was very angry with Aaron and wanted to destroy him, I burned your golden calf in the fire, broke it, crushed it until it was dust and threw it into the stream which flows from the mountain. You also enraged the Lord at Tabernah, at Massah and at the graves of lust. Even when he sent you to Kadesh Barnea and commanded you to go up to take possession of the land you did not obey his voice. Thus you have been disobedient for as long as I have known you. However, I fell before the Lord for 40 days and nights and spoke to the Lord: Lord, do not destroy your people and heirs who you delivered from Egypt with your mighty power. Look too at the stiff-necked and godless ways and the sins of the people so that the land from which you led us cannot say: the Lord could not bring them to the land of his providence. And he delivered them out because he was angry with them in order to kill them in the desert.