And the Lord spoke to Moses and said: Command Aaron and his sons (priests) about burnt offerings. The burnt offering is to remain on the hearth of the altar all night until the morning, and the fires of the altar must remain burning it. The priest shall wear a linen robe and trousers for his nakednessand will take the ashes away from the fire of the altar and throw them beside the altar;and he shall then take off his garments and take the ashes to a clean place outside the camp.The altar fire must never be extinguished. The priest shall stir it up all morning. Prepare the burnt offering and let the fat rise up high in smoke. The law of food offerings. One shall take a handful of flour and oil and from the burning incense which lays on the food offering going up in smoke on the altar for a sweet fragrance unto the Lord as a thanks offering. The rest is for Aaron and his sons to distort unleavened in a holy place in the court of the tabernacle. You must not bake it with leaven, because this is your share that I gave to you from my fire offering. It is most holy, just like the sin offering and guilt offering. Whoever is male among the descendants of Aaron must eat it. This shall be an eternal right for your descendants. Whoever touches them will belong to the sanctuary. And the Lord spoke to Moses and said: This is the sacrifice of Aaron and his sons, that they shall offer the Lord on the day of their anointment: a tenth bushel of the finest flour, feinstes Mehl, the daily food offering, you shall prepare half of it with oil in the pan in the morning and the other half in the evening; thou shalt bring it forth well-roasted in broken pieces to sacrifice for a sweet fragrance unto the Lord.The priest anointed under Aaron’s sons in his stead shall also do so.As a whole burnt offering it shall be burnt like every food offering and not eaten. And the Lord spoke to Moses and said: This is the law of the sin offering: In the place where you shall slay your burnt offering, it will also be combined with a sin offering before the Lord. A sacrosanct one. The priest offering the sin offering shall eat it in a holy place in the court of the tabernacle. Whoever touches the flesh shall belong to the sanctuary. He must wash a garment sprinkled with his own blood in a holy place. And burst an earthen pot that has been cooked in. Then take a copper one, scrub it and rinse with water. Whoever is male among the priests shall eat this.