And the Lord said unto Moses: Speak unto the priests, the sons of Aaron, and tell them that they shalt not defile themselves on the dead body of anyone of the people. Besides his next of kin: Mother, father, son, daughter, who is still a virgin and is still with him, sister and brother. He is allowed to defile himself on the body, but not the people. Thou shalt not shave yourselves bald or trim thy beard. Thou shalt not cut the body at any time. Thou shalt be holy to thy God, and not desecrate His name. Thou shalt not take a whore for a wife, nor an outcast. Therefore, thou shalt keep thy priest holy and thus keep thy God holy, for it is the priest who sacrifices food for thy God! If a priest’s daughter is involved in prostitution, she shall be burned. She has desecrated her father. Whoever is a High Priest and under his brethren, on whose head the anointing oil is poured, whose had is filled and dresses with holy garments, must not let his hair down nor tear his garments. He must not touch a dead body, not even that of his father or mother. He shall not leave the sanctuary, for the consecration of the anointing oil is upon him. I am the Lord, thy God. He shall take a virgin as his wife. Not a widow, outcast, desecrated person or whore, so that his offspring are not desecrated. And the Lord spoke unto Moses and said: Speak to Aaron and say: If one of your children has flaw in future generations, he shall not draw near to offer his Lord food. Be the child blind, crippled, with a disfigured face, with some deformity, or that has a broken foot or finger, hunchback, or who has a white spot in the eye, scabies, or damaged testicles – he shall not sacrifice fire offerings and food offerings to his God. However, he shall be allowed to eat the food of his God, from the holy and sanctified food. But he shall not come to the curtain or the altar, because there is a flaw on him that may desecrate the sanctuary.