Israel, hear the commandments and judgments., what you should do as you live in the land that the Lord, God of your fathers gives you. You shall do nothing more – nothing less but keep the commandments of the Lord. Your eyes have seen what the Lord did to Baal of Peor, for the Lord destroyed all of his followers. However, those who fear the Lord still live. I have taught you this so that you will be considered wise and judicious by all peoples. Where is a people to whom God is so near. Where is there a people that has such a regulatory law as that which I deliver to you today. Protect yourselves, keep your soul well, do not forget what your eyes have seen so that it remains in your heart for your entire life. You shall teach your children and your children's children of the day when you stood before the Lord on Mount Horeb and he said: assemble the entire people before me that they may hear my words. You came here to the foot of the mountain but it stood engulfed in flames that reached to the heavens and it was dim and clouds and darkness. You heard his words come from the middle of the fire. No form! And he declared a covenant with you, namely the ten words and wrote them on two stone tablets. He commanded me to teach you commandments and judgments. So take care now that you do not sin, make an idol resembling a man or a woman, an animal of the land or a bird of the sky or a worm or a fish. Do not raise your eyes to heaven that you see the sun and the moon and the stars and begin to worship them. The Lord has given them to all peoples under the heavens but he has led you out of the glowing furnace, namely Egypt, that you belong solely to him as you do now. The Lord was angry with me because of your deeds so that I shall not cross the Jordan nor into the good land. I die here. However, you will cross over in the good land. Take care that you do not break your covenant with the Lord. For the Lord your God is a consuming fire and a jealous god. When you now bear children and grandchildren and sin and make idols and anger God, you will soon be swept away When you are afraid, turn to the Lord for he is merciful. For if you look to earlier times you will realize that the voice of God from the fire did not kill you. Or how he pulled out when you were surrounded by a people in Egypt with tests of power and signs and wonders and war and his strong hand. He has shown you his great fire to bring you across the Jordan into the inheritance of God. You shall know that the Lord your God is in heaven and on earth. And no other, and you shall obey the judgments. and commandments that I command to you today. Then around sunrise Moses set aside three cities beyond the Jordan that those could flee who had killed another without ill will or intention. This is the law that Moses set before the Israelites. Exhortations and commandments and judgments. beyond the Jordan, in the valley across from Beth Peor, in the land of Sihon, king of the Amorites.