My painting is baroque. That's how I feel it, how I have the desire to create and that's how I feel the power of lines, surfaces and proportions of shapes. How much the spiritual world depends on its possibilities for variation, invention and transformation. In it everything is possible Its urge to elaborate, to embellish even, enriching motifs, themes, facts, completely independently completely joyously, in the music of the imagery. One becomes thirsty just looking at it, and if I may say so, I cannot see enough of it. Executing the many works has strengthened my feeling, expanding on the unique, capturing the essential human flow of time and, whenever I can succeed in doing it parallelizing it in the colors. This is the hardest thing, because the object being created has to always be in a mood of continuous change if it is to flexibly follow the call of that which is not yet created. Very often I have thought about the reasons why I paint at all. Why do I strive to create images for other people, sometimes even objects of amusement. Yes, art, of any kind can, and believe it or not, may do this. Only the unexplained can explain the meaning of the virtual truth of that which is created. The painter's errors are his assets and without them there would be no pictures with content that verify the truth of a lie. It often pains me when people receive it with devotion, although the painter surely did not intend this. Is it regret or is it the masterly touch that they invoke. Of course they have the right to hold their own church service in front of it. (At the present time there are very few pictures about this period). To participate, to be inspired by that which is offered, and to drink from the wellsprings of art. And when the mind of the onlooker goes back into its past or finds itself, then what has resulted is what sleeps secretly in the artist's soul, namely the joy of giving again and again. Truly a beautiful intention that is, however not respected by many people and surprisingly is dying out.