Once Balaam saw that it pleased the Lord to bless Israel he did not resort to divination but turned to face the desert, raised his eyes and saw Israel, camped divided into tribes and the spirit of God came to him and he spoke his message: Here speaks Balaam, son of Beor, here speaks the man whose eyes are opened, here speaks he who hears divine speech, who sees a vision of the almighty, he who kneels with open eyes: how fine your tents, Jacob, your dwelling Israel! How the valleys widen, the gardens on the water, the aloe trees, that the Lord plants. The cedars on the waters. His bucket flows over with a fullness of water. His seed has its fill of water, his king shall be greater than Agag. His kingdom will rise. God that led them out of Israel, is for them like the horn of the wild animal. He will devour the people, his persecutors, grind their bones shatter them with their arrows. He ducked down like a lion, a young one, who wants to rouse it? Blessed is he whom you bless – cursed is he whom you curse. Then Balak's wrath rose against Balaam and he clapped his hands together and spoke: I summoned you, that you would curse my enemies – you have blessed them 3 times. Go away to your country, I wanted to honor your but the Lord has prevented it. Balaam answered: did I not already say to your messengers that even if Balak gave me all the silver and gold he has that I could do nothing against the word of the Lord, good or evil according to my own heart, but when the Lord speaks I will speak also. Behold now, I will go to my people. Come, I will tell you this people will do to your people in the days to come. And Balaam spoke: I Balaam, the man whose eyes have been opened. Here speaks he who hears divine speech who has knowledge from the most high who sees a vision of the almighty and he whose eyes have been opened, when he kneels. I do not see him now – I see him but not near. A star of Jacob will arise and a scepter rise up from Israel and it wish smash the temples of the Moabites and the skulls of all the sons of Gott. They will take Edom and conquer Seir, their enemy. Israel is victorious. From Jacob the conqueror comes. When he saw the Amalekites he said: Amalek is the first among the nations. However, he will be last. He said to the Kenites. Your dwelling is strong. You carved your nest in stone. However, Cain will be paid. How long, and then Ashur leads the captives away. Ships will destroy Ashur and Eber, this will come to pass. Balaam set out. Balak made his way back to his country.