And the Lord spoke unto Moses and said: Speak unto Eleasar, son of Aaron, that he take the pans out of the fire and scatter the fire far away, because they belong to the sanctuary. Make broad plates so that one can lay them on the altar to see. They are to be a sign to the children of Israel. And Eleasar took the copper pans of the sinners and the burned, and beat them into sheets for the altar. And no one but Aaron and his clan shall draw near to offer incense before the Lord, so that they do not have the same fate as Korah. The next morning, however, the whole congregation of Israel grumbled against Moses and Aaron: “Ye have killed the Lord’s people.” And they looked toward the tabernacle. And behold, it was covered by the cloud, and the glory of the Lord appeared. Moses and Aaron came before the tabernacle. And the Lord said to Moses: Look away from this community, I shall consume them in a moment. And they fell on their faces. Moses said to Aaron: Take a pan, put fire therein, and put incense at the altar, and go in haste to the community and make atonement. For the wrath of the Lord has come, and the plague has begun. And Aaron did so. But the plague stayed. Aaron was in the midst of the dead and the living, and there were already 14700 deaths. And Aaron returned to the tabernacle and the plague was still there.