Once, Lord, you blessed your land and restored the fortunes of Jacob. You have forgiven your people, and taken away your wrath and anger. God, our salvation, prove to us your graciousness and your healing. I want to hear what God will speak. He will speak peace to his people, with an upright heart. Righteousness goes before him, and salvation follows in his steps. Turn your ear to me, Lord, for I am poor and needy. Protect me, Lord. Bring joy to your servant, for I lift up my soul. Hear my prayer and petition. All the nations will pray to you and bring you honor. Teach me your way, Lord. You have delivered me from the depths. Your loving kindness is great toward me. A company of violent men have sought my life; turn to me and be gracious. Give your strength to your servant, the son of your servant. Show me a sign of your goodness. All who hate me may see it, because you, Lord, have saved me.