The Lord called to Moses and spoke to him from the tabernacle and said: Whoever wants to offer the Lord an offering, cattle, sheep and goats. As a burnt offering from cattle – a male without blemishes. Put it in front of the tabernacle and lay thy hand upon the head of the burnt offering. Then slaughter and the priests shall sprinkle blood around the altar. Then he must pull the coat off the burnt offering and take it to pieces.The priests should make a fire on the altar and lay the wood in order. Then put the pieces on the wood including the head and the fat. Wash the viscera with water and let it rise in flames on the altar. This is an offering by fire, a burnt offering of lovely odor for the Lord. If he wants to offer a sheep or goat as a burnt offering, he shall slaughter it on the side of the altar northward before the Lord.The priests shall sprinkle the blood around the altar: For a lovely odor before the Lord. But if he wants to bring the Lord a burnt offering of birds, turtles or other animals; the priest should bring it to the altar, snap off the head, and allow the blood to bleed out on the side of the altar. Throw the head eastward on the ash heap. Cut the wings, don’t snap them off. This is how the priest should burn them upon the altar above the wood of the fire. This is a burnt offering.