And Moses spoke to the leaders of the tribes: “when anyone makes a vow to the Lord or swears an oath that he pledges himself, he shall not break his word but do what came out of his mouth. When a woman makes a vow to the Lord obligating herself to do something, as long as she lives in the house of her father and is single and her father hears of her vow and says nothing, all of her vows will stand and all of their obligations. However, when her father forbids it on the day he hears it the vow or obligation will not stand and the Lord will have mercy on her. However, if she becomes the wife of a man and she makes a vow or makes a rash promise and her husband hears and says nothing on the same day, the vow will stand. However, when her husband forbids it on the he hears it he frees her from the vow she has made and her rash promise by which she is bound; the Lord will be merciful to her. The vow of a widow or a divorced woman, all that they have put upon themselves will stand for them. When a woman vows something and binds herself to an oath in the house of her husband, he hears this and remains silent, does not forbid it, all of the obligations she has put on herself will stand. However, if her husband frees her from her vow on the day he hears it, it will not stand and the Lord will be merciful to her. Her husband can support or forbid any vow or oath but if he remains silent from one day to the next he gives support to all her vows and obligations but if he heard it and later forbids it he shall bear all her guilt. This is what Moses commanded for man and woman, father and daughter, as long as she remains single in his house.