The Lord spoke to Moses: Take 12 rods from the children of Israel, from every prince and their clans. Write each of their names on a rod. But you shall write Aaron’s name upon Levi’s rod. Put them down in the tabernacle, before the ark of testimony, which I will bear witness. And whomever I choose, his rod shall become green. I shall turn the murmurings of the children of Israel against you. Moses spoke to the children of Israel and the princes gave up their rods. Then Moses did as the Lord commanded, and lay the rods before the ark. The next morning he found Aaron’s rod had turned green before the ark and Levi’s house, and was flowering and bore ripe almonds. Moses brought all the rods out from the Lord to the children of Israel, who each saw them and each took their rods. And the Lord said to Moses: Take Aaron’s rod before the ark again, so that he remains coffered from the sign of disobedience, so that I stop their murmurring and they do not die before me. Moses did as the Lord commanded. And the children of Israel said unto Moses: Behold, we shall perish, we shall all perish and be destroyed. Whoever draws near the tabernacle of the Lord, dies. Shall we all completely and utterly perish?