But the angel of the Lord spoke to Philip that he should go south to Gaza where there is a desert. There he met a treasury officer of "Candace", Queen of Ethiopia He had especially to Jerusalem to worship. "Go over to this man's chariot" said the angel. And he did it and realized that this man was reading the Prophet Isaiah. Because he did not rightly understand, it he asked Philip to come and sit next to him on his chariot and to explain to him what Isaiah meant. And they drove through the streets and they came by the waterside. Here the treasurer said I want to be baptized. And Philip baptized him. Then the Spirit of the Lord came over Philip and he was not seen any more. But Saul still breathed threats and slaughter against the disciples of the Lord. Saul went to the High Priests and asked them for a letter to the synagogues in Damascus with permission to seize men and women if many were of the new faith and take them to Jerusalem.