The Lord spoke to Moses in the wilderness of Sinai in the second year after they came out of the land of Egypt in the first month. Let the children of Israel pray for Passover at the appointed time: the fourteenth day of this month at the appointed time, thou shalt follow the statutes and regulations. And the children of Israel did as Moses said. There were some impure men there who had been defiled by the dead so that they could not follow the Passover. “Why”, said they, “should we stand back to celebrate Passover?And Moses said: I shall ask the Lord what He commands. And the Lord said:If it shall be so, he should nevertheless follow Passover, but only in the second month on the fourteenth day, and shall eat unleavened bread with bitter herbs. He shall leave none of it to remain till the next morning, nor any crumbs from it, according to the order of the Passover. But whoever is pure and also not on a journey, but fails to follow the Passover shall be cut off from among the people because he did not bring his offering to the Lord at the appointed time. Even a stranger who resides with you shall follow it, completely in accordance with the regulations of the Passover. One kind of statute should be among you all.