And Peter was held in prison and the assembly prayed unceasingly to God. As Herod wished to fetch him to him in the same night, Peter slept between 2 soldiers, bound with 2 chains and the guards at the door guarded the prison. And behold the angel of the Lord came. A light shone in the cell. And he tapped Peter on the side to wake him and said: Get up quickly! The chains fell from his hands. Gird yourself and put on your shoes. Wrap your coat around you and follow me. And Peter did this and did not know the it was the truth, he saw a vision. They went past the 1st and 2nd guards, came to an iron door that opened by itself. As now Peter was outside on the street and came to himself and realized that the angel had left him, he came into the house of Mary the mother of John (Mark), where many were gathered together and prayed. When he knocked at the door Roda the maidservant came to listen. But when she recognized Peter's voice she did not open the door but ran in and announced it to them. You have lost your senses. But she insisted it was so. It's his angel the others said. But when they opened after several knocks on the door they were terrified. But he waved to them and told them how he was freed by the angel of the Lord. When they came the soldiers were bewildered about what happened to Peter, when Herod sent for him, he had the guards interrogated and taken away. He was also angry with Tyre and Sidon. But they all persuaded Chamberlain Blastus to make peace.