We cannot cease to speak of what we have seen and heard. Then they threatened the disciples and let them go. And when they returned to their own people and reported, all raised their voices in one accord to God and said Lord of heaven and earth and of the sea and everything that therein is, who has said through the mouth of David: why do the gentiles and the peoples struggle uselessly? Kings and Princes gather together against Christ whom you anointed. Herod and Pilate with the gentiles. Lord, see how they threaten. Let your servants free and they speak your word. Stretch your hand out, that salvation and signs and miracle happen through the name of your holy servant Jesus. The first Christian community of property was created, and the apostles gave witness to the resurrection of Jesus with heart and soul and with great strength. Joseph who was called Barnabas (son of encouragement) sold his field and laid the money at the apostle's feet.