Hiram loved David all his life. Solomon sent him to cut down cedars in Lebanon and to bring them to fulfill God's word, that as the son of David, he would build a house for the name of the Lord. Hiram delighted him by promising to send him cedar and cypress. He wanted to send the wood by on rafts sea, to wherever Solomon wished. He asked only that Solomon would supply his household with food and drink. And Solomon gave Hiram 20,000 sacks of wheat and 20,000 buckets of pressed oil. And there was peace between Hiram and Solomon, and they made a treaty. Solomon raised a levy of 30,000 laborers. Every month, he sent 10,000 to work in Lebanon and sent them home for two months. Solomon had 70,000 who bore heavy burdens, and 80,000 who were stone cutters in the mountains. Besides the chief officers, 3,300 men ruled over the people who did the work. The king commanded to have large costly stones cut to lay for the foundation of the house. And Hiram’s and Solomon’s builders prepared them to build the house.