And the Lord spoke to Moses and Aaron and said: If a man gets a rash or white patches on his skin, it is a leprous spot and he shall be brought unto Aaron the priest or to one of his sons, the priests. And if the priest sees that the hair has turned white and the affected area of the skin is deeper than the skin itself, it is leprocy. If the priest sees this, he shall pronounce him impure. But if white spots appear on his skin and the affected area is not deeper than the skin and the hair has not turned white, the priest shall isolate him for seven days, and if on the seventh day he is the same as before, the priest will isolate him for another seven, after which, if nothing has changed and he is still pale, the priest shall pronounce him clean, because it is only a rash. He shall wash his clothes so that they are pure. But if the priest looks again and finds that the rash has spread and the skin is deeper in the affected area, he shall pronounce him unclean, for it is leprocy. If someone has leprocy, they must be brought to the priest. If it looks like there is a white swelling in the skin, the hair has turned white and there is white flesh in the swelling, the leprocy has already progressed. The priest shall pronounce him unclean and isolate him. But if leprocy breaks out all over the skin from head to toe and the priest sees that everything has become white on him, he shall be clean. But if there is wild flesh on the day that he is seen, he shall be pronounced unclean. Wild flesh is impure – Leprocy. But if the wild flesh changes and becomes white again, then he shall come unto the priest once again upon seeing this, who will pronounce him pure – he is pure.