No one who has been emasculated or cut may enter the community of the Lord. No Moabite or Ammonite or their descendents for they hired Balaam to curse you. However, Edomites are your brothers, just like Egyptians, in whose land you were strangers. Down through three generations. Protect yourselves from all evil when you march against your enemies. If someone is unclean they are to wash themselves and remain outside the camp until the sun sets again. Relieve yourself outside the camp and a shovel for digging when you wish to sit. For the Lord, your God, goes with you into camp and thus it is to be sacred and nothing shameful should occur amongst you. You shall not deliver the servant who has fled to his master. You shall not oppress them. There shall be no temple prostitutes or whores among the Israelites. You shall bring no wage or money from prostitution into the God's house. You shall not take interest from your brother, neither for money, nor for food. Do not delay when you have made a vow to the Lord for God will demand it of you. What crossed your lips you shall give freely to the Lord, your God. If you go into your neighbors vineyard you shall take only what you wish to eat and not with a container, if you go into a grain field, you may break the stalks with your hand but not with the sickle.