What is man, that he presumes to make constant requests, invocations, laments, and bring his groaning before God? He has certainly recognized godliness in his spirit, and has found his nature confirmed in the universe and with it his great dependence on our creator. He has embedded his fear and his need to be close to God into his daily consciousness. But all of these constant efforts to be close to God have caused me to become suspicious. This seems to be a caustic way to approach godliness, a bit too much. To put it very simply: this seems to almost veer towards the egocentric, or perhaps even the defiant. Not to disturb the peace in which I would like to imagine a God – our only God – who has all creatures, all things, and all powers within his capacity … The songs which poeticize these pleas and prayers almost seem to me in this respect like a synthesis of both of these, intended to relieve the conscience. They are not apodictically clear. The tunes of the songs are buried, lost to the past and never to be heard again. What a shame! Only traces remain. I considered for a very, very long time before a possibility opened itself up to me as to how I could create an artistic expression of these hymns of praise. I created rows of simple geometric shapes which could be converted to sounds based on their colors. The five books of the psalms are formally separated by different shapes; however, they all share a mediant, helping to retain the Pentateuchal character of the Psalter. I have noticed that the more beautifully a Psalm flows, the more truly religious the man it is attributed to was supposed to be. (For instance, number 127 by Solomon). Ignoring the bloodthirsty cursing of enemies, the wicked, and adversaries for a moment, there are passages of highest purity and fear of God. I was happy to use my painterly “knowledge” to portray these. Oh Bible, you tree bearing all fruit! No man may shake you. Would he be disappointed? (So it is, with the alpha to omega) Goethe on 03 / 11 / 1832 (shortly before his death.): “There is much that is stupid in the statutes of the church” – “they fear nothing more than the enlightenment of the oppressed masses. They want to rule, and for that they need the masses to be narrow-minded, to cower, and to tend towards allowing themselves to be ruled.” “Carrying the cross – that tiresome wood of the martyr. The most repulsive thing under the sun – a driver of idiocy for centuries.” “...and when one for all the crosses and Christs – forgets the both were ever real” dedicate confess myself to Goethe and concede his reflections The devil lives – longer than the Jews No salvation without the devil medicus internus = the doctor inside ourselves Depression isn't our last word, to that I say: thanks! Crises open up the potential for mutation The journey is the destination!