And the Lord spoke unto Moses and said: Speak unto the children of Israel and say: If anyone has vowed something to the Lord which is to be cleared, and it is a man, the following should be your estimate: A man of 20-60 years, 50 shekels of silver under the estimates of the sanctuary. A woman, at 30 shekels of silver. From 5-20 years, you shall offer 20 shekels of silver. 1 month – 5 years, 5 shekels of silver if it is a boy, 3 if it is a girl. At 60 years old and older, if it is a man it shall be 15 shekels of silver, and 10 shekels for a woman. But if he is too poor to pay, he shall put these people before the priest. And he shall estimate what he is able to give, and make the vow. If one wishes to sacrifice an animal to the Lord, the animal shall be sacred. He shall not alter it or exchange it. Good against bad and vice versa. If so, both shall be sacred. But if it is unclean, the priest shall evaluate it. If someone praises the Lord his house, the priest shall evaluate it, whether good or bad. But if someone wants to be redeemed as well, they must lay the fifth part of the money to be estimated, so that it may belong to him again. If someone praises an acre of inheritance, it shall be estimated after sowing. If it is a sack of barley, he shall pay fifty shekels of silver. If he praises his acre from the year of the Jubilee, the estimate shall remain the same. But if he does this after the Jubilee, the priest shall estimate the money according to the usual years of the Jubilee and the estimate shall remain this way.If he who has vowed wishes to redeem the acre, let him bring the fifth part of the estimation, and he shall be pure once again. But if he sells again and has not cleared it, but still sells it, he cannot be redeemed, but it will be free again in the year of the Jubilee; he shall be sacred to the Lord like a rapt field and will belong to the priest. But if someone has a field which he has bought, and praises the Lord by offering it, but it is not inherited, the priest shall calculate what he will give till the year of the Jubilee. And to give this sum on the same day that was holy to the Lord. But in the year of the Jubilee, the field shall return unto the person who bought it, which belongs to him as his inheritance. All estimates should be calculated according to the shekel of the sanctuary: A shekel corresponds to twenty grams. The firstborn of the cow, which otherwise belongs to the Lord, must not be offered as praise by anyone. It should be a bull or sheep; it belongs to the Lord. But if it is an impure cow, one must redeem it after the estimation and offer the fifth part as well. So that if it is not sold, it shall be sold by an estimate. One must not sell or redeem anything spellbound, or offer the Lord something under a spell, especially when it is pure, whether humans, livestock or baked goods; every devoted thing is most sacred to the Lord. Also do not redeem any man under a spell, he shall die. All tithes of the land from the produce of the land and the fruit of the trees are the Lord’s and shall be sacred to the Lord. Whoever wants to redeem their tithes, shall add a fifth part. The tithe of cattle and sheep shall be holy to the Lord and everything that everyone tithes from that passes under the shepherd’s crook. One should not ask whether it is good or bad, and shall not replace it. These are the commandments which the Lord instructed Moses with for the children of Israel upon Mount Sinai.