The Levitical priests shall have neither portion nor inheritance from Israel, food from the burnt offerings, which accrues. The right of the priests from the people, those that bring a burnt offering, be it cow or sheep, that one shall give the priests the front leg and both mandibles and the intestines. First fruits of grain, wine and oil or the first shearing of the sheep. For the priests are chosen by the Lord. If any Levite leaves his city he shall serve in the name of the Lord. He is to have the same portion of food. Except one who has that from goods sold by his father. When you come into a country you shall not learn to do the horrors of those people. So that none from among you will be found who would cause their son or daughter to pass through the fire or practices fortune-telling or clairvoyance, dark arts or wizardry, or curses or evokes spirits or interprets signs or consults the dead, he is a horror to the Lord. The peoples whose land you will take into your possession obey such things. However, it is forbidden you by the Lord, your God. A prophet such as I, him you shall obey. And the Lord said to me: they have spoken rightly on Mount Horeb. I will wake a prophet such as you from among their brothers and put my words into his mouth. However, he who does not listen to what he says with my mouth, I will demand it from them. However, when a prophet is foolhardy and professes to speak in my name something other than what I have commanded, he shall die. However, you say in your heart, how can I know which word comes not from the Lord. Now – if nothing happens, it does not occur, it is a word that the Lord did not speak. The prophet did so from foolhardiness so do not fear him