And the Lord spoke unto Moses and said: “Send men to explore the land of Canaan; a man out of every tribe of their forefathers, loud elders”.Moses then dispatched: 1. Shammua, son of Sakkur (Ruben) 2. Shaphat, son of Hori (Simeon) 3. Kaleb, son of Jephunn (Juda) 4. Jigal, son of Joseph (Isashar) 5. Hosea, son of Nun (Ephraim) 6. Palti, son of Raphu (Benjamin) 7. Gaddiel, son of Sodi (Sebulon) 8. Gaddi, son of Susi (Joseph clan of Manasseh) 9. Ammiel, son of Gemalli (Dan) 10. Sethur, son of Michael (Asser) 11. Nahbi - son of Wophsi (Naphtali) 12. Geuel - son of Machi (Gad) But Moses named Hosea, the son of Nun, Joshua.