And they brought them and set them before the High Council. The High priest said: We have given you the order not to teach in this name, and you contravened it in Jerusalem. Peter replied: God should be obeyed more than men. The God that resurrected Jesus and the God who raised him to his right hand to do penance for Israel and forgiveness for her sins. This struck the High Council to the heart and they thought of killing them. Then a Pharisee and scholar by the name of Gamaliel stood up. The Apostles were asked to go outside. "Let them go", he said. "If this is the counsel or the work of men, it will fail, if it is from God, then you cannot hinder it, or you will be found to be the ones that wished to quarrel with God. Everyone agreed with Gamaliel. Then they fetched the Apostles, had them beaten and ordered them not to speak in the name of Jesus. And they let them go. But the Apostles went gladly on their way and never ceased preaching the Gospel every day in the temple and in the houses.