And Balaam said to Balak: build me 7 altars and bring 7 young bulls and 7 rams. Balak did as Balaam said and both offered a young bull and a ram. Balaam spoke to Balak: approach your burnt offering. I want to go away, perhaps the Lord will meet me, that I tell you what He shows to me. He went up a barren hill. God approached Balaam, he said: I have built 7 altars and offered a young bull and a ram upon each one. The Lord put the word in Balaam's mouth and said: go back to Balak and speak thus. When he returned, there he stood beside his burnt offering along with all the princes of the Moabites. Then Balaam spoke his message: From Arnon, Balak, king of the Moabites summoned me from the mountains in the east Come, curse Jacob for me! Denounce Israel! How should I curse him who God does not? How should I denounce him who the Lord does not denounce. For I see him from the height of the boulder, from the hill I see him Behold, the people shall live apart, who do not count themselves heathens. Who can count the dust of Jacob? May my soul die the death of the righteous and my end be as their end. Then Balak spoke to him: What are you doing to me? I summoned you to curse my enemies and you bless. Balaam answered: did I not say to you, all that the Lord speaks, that I will do. Balak spoke: Come on, I want to lead you to another place. Perhaps it will please God that you curse them for me there. On the peak of Mount Peor in the Jordan valley. And Balaam spoke to Balak: build here 7 altars and bring 7 bulls and 7 rams. Balak did so and offered a bull and a ram on each altar.