And the Lord spoke to Moses and Aaron and said: The children of Israel shall put their tents around the tabernacle. Each with banners and signs according to their clans. To the east of Judah with hosts and his prince Nahshon. Beside him, the tribe of Issachar, with prince Nathaniel, then Zebulun with prince Eliab, so that all belong to the camp of Judah and count 186,400 men together. To the south should be Ruben’s camp with prince Elizur. Beside him will be Simeon with prince Shelumiel. Then the tribe of Gad with Eliasaph, and altogether shall be 151 450 men. They should come second in the exodus. Then the tabernacle of the congregation shall set forward wih the camp of the Levites, in the middle between the other camps. But everyone shall be in his place with a banner. To the west is prince Elishama’s camp. Next to him, the camp of Manasseh with prince Gamiel. Then the tribe of Benjamin with prince Abidan, so that the whole camp of Ephraim shall be comprised of 108, 100 men. They should be third in the exodus. To the north of the camp will be Dan with prince Ahiezer. Next to him shall be the tribe of Asher, with price Pagiel. Then the tribe of Naphtali with prince Ahira. So that all the camp of Dan shall be comprised of 157,600 men. This is the sum of the children of Israel according to the tribes and comes to 603 550 men. But the Levites were not counted. And the children of Israel did everything the Lord commanded!