And the Lord spoke unto Moses and said: Speak unto Aaron and his sons and tell them to mindfully put their gifts and those of the children of Israel together to sanctify me. Anyone from your offspring that approaches the saints with the children of Israel and has an impurity on them shall be cut off from the people before my eyes. Whoever has leprosy or discharge shall not eat from the holy food. Whoever touches a dead person, a man whose seed goes off in his sleep, or anyone who touches infected things shall be unclean until the evening and must wash his body with water. He shall not eat a dead or hurt animal. He shall become unclean. Ye shall follow my statutes, so that ye shalt not perish. No stranger may eat from the holy food, even resident alien priests, nor his hired servant. If the priest buys a slave, he shall eat from the holy food. Even a slave who is born in his house. If, however, the priest’s daughter marries a man who does not come from a priestly clan, he shall not eat from the offering. If she becomes a widow or divorced, and has no children and returns to her father’s house, she can dine from her father’s food. Otherwise, no stranger. Whoever accidentally eats from the holy offering should put the fifth part there and give it to the priest. After all, the priests are not to let the holy place of the children of Israel become desecrated. The offerings must be without flaws Those who wish to offer the Lord a burnt offering as a vow or out of free will shall bring a flawless male animal from cattle, sheep or goats. Anything that has flaws must not be offered, because it will not please you. If it is blind or has a broken limb, a wound or an ulcer, scabies or eczema shall not be sacrificed to the Lord. Cattle or sheep that have too long or short limbs are fine to sacrifice out of free will, however, they are not pleasing for offerings of praise. Also when an animal’s testicles have been crushed, torn or cut. Thou shalt not do such a thing to your animals. Also do not accept such animals from dealers.