But there was a disciple in Damascus whose name was Ananias, and the Lord spoke to him in a vision. Stand up and go to "Straight Street" and ask in Judas' house for a man called Saul of Tarsus. Then see him praying and he has seen in a vision a man called Ananis come to him, and lay hands on him so that he could see again. But Lord I have heard much about this man that has done so much wickedness to your Holiness and has orders from the High Priests to capture all those who call your name and bring them to Jerusalem. Go and do it, he is my chosen instrument who should carry my name to the gentiles and kings according to the Holy Spirit. And straightaway Saul preached about Jesus in the synagogues. And everyone was shocked by the conversion of Saul "Is that not he who in Jerusalem forbade to say this name?" But Saul gained more and more strength and harassed the Jews so that after many days they called a council in order to have him killed. But Saul got information that they were watching his door day and night in order to kill him. So his disciples took him in the night and let him down over the wall in a basket.