You are the children of the Lord, your God. Do not wound yourselves or shave your heads on account of the dead. For you are a holy people above all peoples of the earth. Eat nothing that is a horror to the Lord. You may eat: cow, sheep, goat, stag, deer, roe deer, ram, chamois, aurochs and antelope. Every animal that has a divided hoof, fully divided and chews the cud. However, from these you shall not eat: camels, rabbits or the hyrax who chew the cud but do not have cloven hooves. They are to be unclean for you. Pigs do have cloven hooves but do chew the cud, do not even touch their carcass. All that lives in water you may eat, that has fins or scales. Though that which has neither fins nor scales you may not. Eat all clean birds. However, not: the eagle, the hawk, the red kite, the black kite, the harrier, any kind of vulture, any kind of raven, ostrich, cuckoo, any kind of sparrow hawk, tawny owl, great horned owl, bat, bittern, stork, swan, heron, any kind of jay, hoopoe, swallow. And anything with wings that crawls shall be unclean for you. You shall eat no carrion. You may give these to strangers to eat. You shall not cook young lambs in their mother's milk. You are a holy people. Each year you shall set aside a tenth of the harvest of your fields and take it to the holy places the Lord has selected for his name to reside. A tithe of your grain, your wine, your oil and from the first born of your cows and sheep that you may fear your God as long as you live. If the way is to far to carry them, turn it into money and go to the place and spend your money on whatever your heart desires, whether that is cattle, sheep, wine, strong drink, eat everything there before the Lord and be merry, you, your house and the Levites. Every three years you shall store the tithe from that year's amount in the city. Then the Levites and orphans and widows who live in the city should come and have their fill that the Lord, your God may bless you and all the work of your hands that you do.