And the Lord spoke to Moses and Aaron and said: When you enter the land of Canaan, which I give you ownership of, I will let someone’s house be affected by leprosy. That person shall tell the priest: It looks like I have leprosy in my house. The priest will then command that he evacuate the house. Then the priest shall go inside to examine the house. If there are greenish and reddish spots on the walls of the house, he must leave the house and lock it for seven days. If he sees that the disease has spread on the seventh day, he shall break the stones of the house. The house must be scraped from the inside. The impure debris must be brought outside of the city to an unclean place. And lay other bricks and other clay and re-build the house. If the rash recurs, one must break the house down and take all the debris to an unclean place outside the city. But if anyone is in such a house when it is locked up, they shall be unclean until the evening. He who sleeps or eats there shall wash his clothes. But if all this is not the case and the priest sees that it is pure, he shall take two birds, cedar wood, scarlet wool and hyssop to absolve the house; he shall slaughter one of the birds in an earthen pot over fresh water, and, sprinkling the house seven times, he shall cleanse it of its impurities with the blood of the bird and the fresh water. The other bird shall be set free to fly into the fields and absolve the house; and so it is pure.